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The first floor boasts a spacious area of 2025 square meters, complete with a stunning terrace and four balconies, as well as a beautifully landscaped 688 sqm garden and a 70 sqm nymphaeum. 

This part is home to 12 grand noble rooms, each featuring marble statues, ornate ceilings, and stained glass windows, decorated with some of the most significant works of mannerism, including frescoes by Francesco Salviati in the astonishing Globes hall, and those of Pietro da Cortona and Jacopino del Conte.

This floor also features another spacious room, a small utility room, and a kitchen and pantry area that comprises 6 rooms and a bathroom. In addition, the main floor has a separate wing that has been converted into a separate flat, consisting of 4 rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen space.

The grand and gorgeous corridor spans the entire floor and encircles the elegant rooms, providing access to them without intruding. This corridor also features convenient hidden doors that lead to all the practical rooms such as cloakrooms, studies, bathrooms, and the stunning chapel adorned with frescoes by Ciampelli.

In the same building, the ground floor features ample storage space and there are three convenient parking spaces in the courtyards.


The property is rounded out by several separate units, all adjacent to the first floor:

– A three-storey building with a separate entrance on Vicolo Orbitelli, consisting of 5 apartments, a garret and attic, two basements, and a garage, with a total area of 650 square meters.

– An adjacent apartment with its own separate entrance on Via Giulia, with a total area of 130 square meters.

– A two-storey unit (ground floor and basement) with an entrance on Vicolo del Cefalo, but adjacent to the nympheum, with a total area of 240 square meters.

– A three-storey office with access from the courtyards, the top floor of which is adjacent to the first floor, with a total area of 100 square meters.

Palazzo Sacchetti is a gem in the heart of Rome and it’s no surprise that it has served as a filming location for some scenes in the Oscar-winning film The Great Beauty, with the eternal city serving as the true star.

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Palazzo Sacchetti, a pearl of the late Renaissance in the heart of Rome

Palazzo Sacchetti is one of the finest late Renaissance buildings in Rome. Its construction was carried out in 1542 on a project by Sangallo, the architect of the Palazzo Farnese and coadjutor of Raffaello in the construction of the Basilica of Saint Peter. Sangallo built it for himself, dedicating the last years of his life to making it the “perfect building”. In 1608 it was purchased by the Archbishop of Naples, who built the chapel frescoed by Agostino Ciampelli. Later, in the second half of the 17th century, it was purchased by the Marquis Sacchetti of Florence.